Disciple is coming up again in January!

Disciple is coming up again in January!

Disciple is coming up!

Disciple is coming up every January! We are happy to announce that the theme for the conference is dropping soon, so join the e-mailing list now so you get the information among the first! http://www.disciple.fi/#joinus

(Don't worry, we don't spam your e-mail. It is the best channel for us to keep all of the Disciple community up to date regarding the conference.) Looking forward to the upcoming conference!

Disciple is a conference for all who believe following Jesus is the way to truly seeing our lives and our world changed. We therefore believe Jesus´ command to go and make disciples of all nations should be the center of our communities. 

Disciple was first held in January 2015 and has been arranged every year since. We have been blessed to see God use the conference to inspire and mold a generation of Disciples of Jesus. Disciple is arranged by Petrus församling in cooperation with Studentmissionen. 

Inviting the other Nordic countries and Estonia 
Disciple has been a conference in three languages for a few years now and it would be very easy to invite people also from abroad. For next year invites have been sent out to the other Nordic countries and to Estonia. We hope that some of them will have the opportunity to participate. Please pray for this to happen! 
At around the same time when Disciple started, in 2015, the Nordic NOSA conference came to an end because NORBUK stopped sponsoring annual events. Since then the dream of arranging something for or together with the other Nordic countries have lived on. Maybe the time is here again?